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Brian Shaw

Brian Shaw’s career as an entertainment entrepreneur spans almost fifty years. Beginning modestly in the nineteen seventies Brian went on to represent some of The UKs most famous entertainers.


In the 1980s he was credited with changing the face of Summer Season in the UK when he introduced an entirely new format: ‘The Season Of Stars’. This replaced the resident Summer Season in many major resorts as his format saw major artistes appearing in a different Theatre each week around the UK, it was quickly embraced by Margate, Blackpool, Torquay, Skegness, Hastings, Southport and many others, seeing performers like Danny La Rue, Max Bygraves, Val Doonican, David Essex, The Shadows, Tommy Cooper, The Barron Knights, Norman Wisdom, Les Dawson and dozens of others join the revolutionary format.


As a touring promoter Brian’s clients included Freddie Starr, Elkie Brooks, Hinge & Bracket, Keith Harris, Danny La Rue. Michael Barrymore, The Black & White Minstrels, Barbara Dickson, The Shadows, Chas & Dave, Jane McDonald, Des O’Connor, Little & Large, Jimmy Jones, Jim Davidson Richard Digance, Hale and Pace etc.


His client base as an agent/manager included a similar line up: Danny La Rue, Freddie Starr, Chas & Dave, Richard Digance, Jethro, Des O’Connor, Jim Davidson, Jimmy Jones, Jimmy Tarbuck, Derek Acorah, Larry Grayson and many others.


For years Brian’s company also operated a Marine Leisure division supplying Floor Shows, Cruise Directors, Hotel and Casino staff and Equipment to more than two dozen cruise ships around the world. This saw the operation spread from it’s base in the UK to satellite operations operating out of Copenhagen, Stockholm and Venice in Europe as well as Miami and Portland Maine in America.


Throughout most of the 1980s Brian’s company operated The Wellington Pier Theatre in Great Yarmouth, hosting a variety of major touring and resident productions. He has a long standing relationship with the town and is still responsible for programming the Britannia Pier Theatre to this day. Regularly featuring major current stars including Jimmy Carr, Jim Davidson, The Drifters, Joe Pasquale, Navi King of Pop, Sarah Millican, Supreme Queen and countlessf others.


Brian’s company Pavilion Events Limited has some major presentations touring the UK and beyond. JIMMY TARBUCK A Life in Showbusiness, SUPREME QUEEN – Featuring Scott Maley and The All American ELVIS WORLD TOUR Featuring Shawn Klush, Dean Z and Cody Ray Slaughter to name but a few.


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If you're a younger fan, trust me, you wont get better than this now that Freddie is no longer around in the flesh to see.

Now i have been a queen fan since 1979.

i have seen queen live and seen Brian and Roger three times.

Now i know Freddie can never be replaced 'EVER'

But as a next best live thing and feel, these boys pulled it off pretty well. I emphasise that this band and sound is probably the next best sound that will bring you closest to QUEEN.

QUEEN fan (newham festival 2011)

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